The Chaos Temple (Apo Part II)
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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Last time, SOBs forces entered in the chaos city and took an advance while entering in the city. This time, chaos forces (helped with some Necrons) decided to gather their real forces. Result was a draw between the SOBs and the evil forces. Anyway, SOBs weren't able to take the temple, and Chaotics were still in place at the end of the 3rd turn.

This was a special fight, with some new stuff from both sides : an Imperial Marauder Destroyer and a Chaos Reaver Titan ! Both were definitively the Big Guys of the game ...

Lucky you guys, here are some pics already in the GALLERY 

Imperial forces dropped into a Chaos city !
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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Last Sunday was a very bad day. There was "Walker, Texas Ranger" on tv ... and instead of watching this niiiiice tv show, on a very comfortable sofa, with some beers on the table we ( - the bad guys, the Ch@0s forces - ) have been disturbed by a huge drop of girlies. In fact, this was nice at first, when we could look under .. err, well. Followed by Black Templars (the boyfriends maybe) they tried to steal our TVs and our nice Temple (a modern cinema complex). Pfff, my friend Khall got pissed off and left me alone with da' girlies (oMG! I'm speakin' lik'a'Ork) ...

I cannot remember what happened next, but what I know is I woke up with a damn headache, and a Chaos Spawn in my bed !!!! Conclusion : I prefer Slaanesh daemonettes Kiss

Well, well ladies and gentlemen, last sunday was an Apocalypse Battle regrouping 18000 pts forces on  a new and wonderful Chaos City table ... and guess what ? The pics have finally arrived Laughing

Gallery direct link : click here :)


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Dark Millenium is approaching ...
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Friday, 07 December 2007

SkaarBeek's new campaign is approaching,  so don't be shy and come register to play ! (its free ;) )

 You can view the introduction video there :


Check the rules here.

Check the map here .

And register there .

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